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Age of Monsters: Concept Art Gallery

Here is all of the concept art created for AGE OF MONSTERS, our Pacific Rim x MonsterVerse crossover!

Age of Monsters

Our big spring project wraps up today with the release of AGE OF MONSTERS, our take on a hypothetical crossover between the universes of Pacific Rim and the MonsterVerse.

Overwatch Cinematic Universe: Phase 1 Logos and Plot Descriptions

Last week, we posted an episode of the show where we ideated a slate of films for a cinematic universe based around the video game IP, Overwatch.

Rocket League: The Series – Poster and Script Page

Firefly Season 2: Episode Synopses

As part of NaNoWriMo 2018, the Let’s Write team embarked on a month-long deep dive into what a hypothetical follow-up to Firefly/Serenity could look like.