The second script in our NaNoWriMo 2020 project is here!

First, a quick recap for anyone joining us just now: each year during the community writing event known as NaNo we commit to publishing a TV-length script using one of our favorite IPs as inspiration.

Two years ago it was Firefly, last year was the Lovecraft Mythos, and this year, we brainstormed a found footage anthology series called The Arkham Files.

As an added twist this year, we also decided not to collaborate on a single script. Instead, we brought in our good friend (and very talented writer) Peter Holmstrom, and individually, we each ideated our own individual episode set in that universe.

The first script, Riddle Me This, was published earlier this week.

Today, we’re releasing the second episode, Cold Case.

You can download a PDF of the full script for Cold Case here, and after you’ve read it, please find us on Twitter and let us know what you thought!

We’ll be returning to these scripts next year to polish them up, and prepare them for a very special follow-up project…