Welcome to our first ever Let’s Write treatment!

If you’re not familiar with our show, on each episode we take an idea for a “dream movie,” and break down the possibilities from a storytelling and screenwriting perspective. Then in the following week, we take that brainstorm session and turn it into a full treatment for what that film could look like from start to finish.

The idea for this particular story was dreamed up on the episode one of the podcast (which you can listen to now on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify, and Google Play), inspired by our mutual love and appreciation for District 9. We wanted to see what a sequel to that film might look like, and below, you’ll find the result of that curiosity.

We welcome any feedback you might have! Somewhere down the line, we’d love to take another swing at refining this idea.

For now though, you can download a PDF of the treatment using the link below, or continue scrolling for the full text.