Jurassic Deep was featured in the first episode of Let’s Write Season 2.

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The parameters we started with were pretty broad. Essentially, we needed to find a spin-off take on the Jurassic franchise that could carve out its own niche in the overall story, while also still managing to feel consequential and interesting. It also needed to be set underwater, introducing fans to a whole new aspect of the Jurassic universe. Oh, and it needed to have the Loch Ness Monster in it, for reasons.

The take we eventually landed on was to introduce that there was a second “Jurassic World” theme park, under construction but never finished. This park, “Jurassic Deep”, had an aquatic theme, and was built deep under the ocean. In the aftermath of the incident in Fallen Kingdom, the grounds have been retrofitted as a multinational government research facility… until something goes terribly wrong (because of course it does).

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